Why Our Interns Love Working at R.E.A.L.® 

One of the best parts of R.E.A.L.® Discussion is our intern program. As we work tirelessly to create meaningful, usable, research-backed programming for Gen-Z students, we have on our team a slate of bright, passionate Gen-Z college students who help our company run. Unlike some other internships, ours embraces, empowers, and relies upon interns – each of whom has meaningful, mission-critical tasks to perform. 

We think our internship program is fantastic – but don’t just take it from us! Below, this semester’s interns share some of the reasons they love working at R.E.A.L. ® 

Tejiri Ogufere, Special Projects and Client Engagement Intern 

Working as an intern at R.E.A.L.® is so rewarding, because I am always affirmed that every single task I do has an impact. Even the smallest, most mundane-seeming tasks I complete have such a transformative effect on this growing company. The supervisors are all so open to feedback and make my voice feel heard. Nothing that I contribute is ever overlooked. I also appreciate that I am assigned tasks that are specifically tailored to the skills and areas in which I hope to grow. 

Alex Tessendorf, Communications Intern

Since starting at R.E.A.L.®, I have felt so incredibly welcomed, yet challenged to be the best version of myself. Since learning is a main value we hold here, R.E.A.L.® has allowed me to strengthen the skills I already had and develop even more skills through various leadership opportunities. I love everyone who works here and could not be more appreciative of all the time and hard work everyone puts in. R.E.A.L.® is such a unique, hands-on internship, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have worked here for the past year.

Daniel Kee, Product Development Intern

As someone who has had a hard time learning online through Zoom and other platforms, R.E.A.L.®’s core values and mission of creating meaningful conversations in the classroom struck a chord with me. Being able to apply my passion for production to enhance REAL’s  brand has been an amazing opportunity that has helped me foster both personal and professional growth while working toward a mission I believe in.

Audrey Dearlove, Client Engagement Intern

I have loved working at R.E.A.L.® because of how much our work really matters to the company. As a start-up, every small thing is so important, and the ability to have tangible work put out onto social media or to interact with clients in real-time has been so rewarding. Having the opportunity to work here as an intern has been genuinely valuable both to my experience and to the company as a whole. It is awesome to work with such an awesome group of full-time employees and with the other interns. Having the group of other interns working at R.E.A.L.® with me has been an amazing support system, especially with the virtual nature of R.E.A.L.® We all are able to bond and support one another in our work as college students!

Interested in joining the R.E.A.L.® intern family? We’re hiring for Summer 2024 interns! Fill out this form, and we’ll send you more details on how to apply. 

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