“A partnership with R.E.A.L. has become the clear path forward for our school community as we continue to create an environment where all voices are heard and all perspectives are valued.” Lynne Macziewski,
Associate Head of School,
Girls Preparatory School (TN)

The path to Conversation Culture is unique at every school.

  • Focus on skills, not content: our programs teach students how to communicate, not what to say. Teachers choose which content will work best for R.E.A.L.® Discussions!
  • Backing in research: our method empowers teachers to operationalize what experts say works best – from brain science, to inclusion practices, to future-of-work studies.
  • Impact assessment: we measure students’ discussion skills, belonging, and sense of purpose – all year long. This work is too high stakes not to track and celebrate!
  • Commitment to growth for adults, too: our PD delights and engages teachers as pedagogical pioneers. Our parent-facing programs build trust, alignment, and tools.

See below for more details — then, book a time to discuss discussion with us!

For Grades 2-5

R.E.A.L.® Discussion


“R.E.A.L.® Basics gives teachers a way to explicitly teach in-person communication skills. These skills are as essential to and important as literacy and math – it’s time to have an academic strategy for teaching them!” – Kath M., Lower School Leader
Kath M.
Lower School Leader

R.E.A.L.® Basics includes:

  • PD, Coaching and Community for Teachers
  • Print Materials for Students
For Grades 5-8

R.E.A.L.® Discussion


I have used R.E.A.L.® in two very different schools – and it just works. It makes discussion teachable and learnable for kids. They are so proud of themselves as they master the conversational ‘moves’ they need to go deep with each other. They learn the power of their voices and of listening to others.” Patrick Farmer, Middle School Humanities Lead
Patrick Farmer
Middle School Humanities Lead

R.E.A.L.® Junior teaches middle schoolers how to participate in discussion, verbally and non-verbally. It gives digital natives a common language, conversational “moves,” and a way to see and reflect on their growth over time. Teachers say it builds trust and fosters real – not performative! – discussion: a great alternative to FishBowls.

R.E.A.L.® Junior includes:

  • PD, Coaching, Community + Impact Assessment for Teachers
  • Print + Digital Materials for Students
For Grades 8-10

R.E.A.L.® Discussion


REAL is amazing for students but the PD feels like a luxury too. On campus, I support everyone – to have someone working coaching just me and focused on discussion pedagogy is rejuvenating.” – Erika Drezner, Upper School Dept. Chair
Erika Drezner
Upper School Dept. Chair

R.E.A.L.® Classic teaches early high schoolers to participate in, facilitate, and reflect on discussion. It gives teachers a framework for evidence-based assessment of live learning – a must-have in an AI world! Schools use R.E.A.L.® Classic as an orientation to high school and prep for Harkness, AP, or other seminar-style courses.

R.E.A.L.® Classic includes:

  • PD, Coaching, Community + Impact Assessment for Teachers
  • Print + Digital Materials for Students
FOR parents

R.E.A.L.® Discussion


R.E.A.L. ® offers simple and solid techniques to become a more engaged participant in conversation – a skill for all stages of life and especially for kids who want to text not talk. I am so grateful to the School for including this in the curriculum and can’t wait to try it at home.
8th Grade Parent

R.E.A.L.® Family is a workshop series where parents learn about R.E.A.L.® at your school and ways they can use R.E.A.L.® moves.

Topics include:

  • How to Support Digital Natives Talking Live
  • The Developmental Neuroscience of Conversation – and How to Use It
  • Getting REAL to Tackle Hard Conversations with your Adolescent
  • Available at schools using R.E.A.L.® programs in their classrooms
  • Can be co-facilitated by faculty and aligned to your school’s language
FOR Other Audiences

R.E.A.L.® for Your Community

Liza is masterful at facilitating discussions that promote psychological safety and channel the innovative energy of a team. Her work at REAL, and our partnership with Liza, have offered critical insights into cultural transformation and organizational change.  Leadership teams, faculty, and Boards can benefit from working with them.
Nishant Mehta
President, Mehtacognition

We love partnering with Schools and other orgs to design Discussion Skills workshops for any audience. Our custom seminars have been well-received by groups ranging from Trustees to Managers to Coaches in both non-profit and corporate settings.

The first step is reaching out to schedule a conversation. Meeting management? Making every voice heard? Active Listening Practices? If it involves Discussion-about-Discussion, we are all in!

Not seeing exactly what you’re looking for? Let’s design something else, together.