Announcing the 2nd Annual R.E.A.L.® Discussion National Student Essay Contest

Today’s teens spend close to 9 hours per day in front of screens – and devices aren’t going away any time soon. The results of so much screen time (the equivalent of a full work week!) are varied and complex – and one consequence is that today’s kids spend much more time than previous generations engaged in conversations that don’t happen face-to-face. 

Plenty of adults have spilled plenty of ink discussing the potential effects of a screen-bound life, but we’re most eager to hear from kids directly. We’re inviting middle and high school students to join the conversation in this year’s R.E.A.L. ® Discussion National Student Essay Contest

We invite the thousands students who have used R.E.A.L.® this year to submit an essay that touches on at least two of the following questions:

>> What are some of the biggest differences between communicating in-person and communicating on screen?

>> If you were to make a prediction about how kids your age will communicate in 10 years, do you think they’ll spend more or less time talking via screens? Why?

>> Do you think it’s important for today’s students to learn how to communicate effectively in person? Why or why not?

>> Has your participation in R.E.A.L. ® Discussion changed how you communicate with your friends and family, either online or in person?

Details: Middle School student submissions should be 200-400 words; Upper School 300-500 words. Email submissions to by June 1. Winners announced June 15. Prize: plaque, photo opp, coverage on our blog/social.

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