Introducing Our 2023 Annual Report

Remember Computer Labs? When I was growing up, schools had Computer Labs: structured programs where students learned future-focused skills like typing and eye-mouse coordination (yes, that was a thing). Today’s schools don’t need Computer Labs, but at R.E.A.L.® we believe they need Conversation Labs: programs that explicitly teach discussion skills to kids growing up and into a tech-centric, polarized, world.

I am excited to share that in 2023, we brought this “Conversation Lab” vision to life in partnership with 40+ visionary schools. This Annual Report tells the full story.

Highlights from the year? Teachers loved our PD, finding purpose, tools, and community in a world where teaching as we know it is questioned daily. Student growth data was equally positive: across thousands of 5th-10th graders, we saw R.E.A.L.® decrease anxiety, increase trust, improve listening skills, and build confidence disagreeing with “ideas not identities.”

Every day, our growing team serves school partners oriented by our North Star: conversation skills are teachable — but, in a world where it’s easier to text than talk, they must be taught. Our role is to help schools teach, measure, and celebrate the discussion skills students need to navigate the best, and messiest, parts of the human experience: inquiry, friendship, citizenship, spirituality, love, professional success — the list goes on! We know that in aggregate, discussions define history — and, amidst AI, discussions will define humanity. The stakes are high, but our team is always, always here to help.

As we look to 2024, we are excited for what’s ahead, including the launch of R.E.A.L.® Basics (for Grades 2-5) and R.E.A.L.® Family (for Parents), fresh PD offerings, and new partnerships with International Coalition of Girls’ Schools, One Schoolhouse, and The Grauer Institute (to name a few).

One thing that will never change? Our gratitude for your vision, trust, and belief in student voice. Thank you!

To read our full 2023 Annual Report, click here.

Liza Garonzik
Founder, R.E.A.L.® Discussion

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